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Small Groups

Small Groups are essential for our church community to thrive

Support Group

They are more than just a midweek small group - they provide primary pastoral care and are an important place of belonging where people can go deeper together. Small groups are Christian Community in the home, workplace, or wherever else they may happen. Every person can know the joy of coming as they are to God and each other, being transformed through relationship with God and each other, and making a difference by serving God and each other.


Jesus was serious about commanding his followers to make disciples and so we are serious about growing people to spiritual maturity! The joy of growing to become more like Jesus can happen in a bigger way by going smaller. In a small group, where we can be known for who we are and loved all the same, we find a deeper level of community. They provide people with the opportunity to discover their spiritual gifts and natural abilities and use these to serve God and His Kingdom. They are simply the most effective way to ensure our church is properly pastored and cared for and where people can be challenged to confidently step out and make new disciples.

Group Discussion
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