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A SKILL is the ability to DO something. We are not born WITH skills, we learn them along the way.

Upskill offers a variety of informal hands-on classes that provide valuable skills, are practical and great fun! Skills such as basic cooking, home & car maintenance, gardening, sewing & craft projects and much more are taught at our weekly gatherings.

Upskill training is skill development through hands-on experience. Normally participants work within a small group on practical tasks with plenty of opportunity for informal discussion.

Learning new skills is one way to open up more career options, help be more cost effective & self-sufficient and spot any skill or knowledge gaps that participants may want more training on.

Upskill happens every Monday during the school term from 9:30am at the Morrinsville Baptist Church in the garden lounge, Moorhouse Street.  Participants can come to one class or come to them all.


Currently In Recess